Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Date Night Review - Lady N’Awlins

This was my first time going to a restaurant on its second day of operations. I was looking for a place for dinner this weekend and was excited that it worked out that Lady N’Awlins Cajun Café (2329 W Main St) just started service. I am a fan of the Lady’s brother restaurant, F.W.Sullivan’s, and was curious about the Cajun menu.

If you have ever been to one of the restaurants that formerly occupied this space, Friend or Pho or the White Dog, you know that this basement bar can be a little dark. The dark lighting actually created a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic date night. The bar looked like an inviting spot to have a more casual dinner date if the mini booth is too private. On Saturday, we had no problem getting a table for an early dinner, but we were far from the only people in the bar.

The menu is without question, New Orleans Cajun style cuisine. If you don’t like Cajun food, there are no alternatives other than a plain salad. Starters include fried oysters, crawfish fritters, hush puppies, gator bites, fried pickles and fried okra, ranging from $6-$10. An offering of Po boy style sandwiches with things like shrimp, oyster, sausage and gator make up some great lunch style options from $8-$12. But we were there for the main event, the Jambalaya and the Gumbo.

Now, I am no expert on this kind of cuisine (or any kind for that matter). I have been to New Orleans twice, but don’t remember eating while I was there. Still, I know what I like and I really enjoyed my Jambalaya that was served with chicken as its protein. My husband ordered the Gumbo with added crawfish for $15. They were not shy with the crawfish. There was some in every bite. The only time I ever had crawfish was at a crawfish boil in a parking lot in Arkansas. This Gumbo was much much better than that. There was not a drop left in the bowl by the end of the meal.

It seems that they will have a premium beer offering once all the brews come in. I look forward to seeing what happy hour specials they come up with. Even without a special, this is a Thrifty Date Night spot. Jambalaya and Gumbo entrees for $10 and add your seafood for $5 more. This is more like lunch prices for dinner portions and tasty, too.  Photo credit.

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  1. We decided to try Lady N'awlins to go for our dinner celebration. They may have great food, but I would not know....my meal was not included in the order. The first manager/owner that I spoke to seemed to want to make it right & offered to bring it to our house. He said he would leave within an hour to bring it. Two hours later, I was still hungry. I called back & the second manager/owner that I spoke to was rude & obnoxious. I asked to be refunded & he refused. I told him that I felt that I deserved to be refunded since they misrepresented when assuring me that my meal was going to be delivered. He shouted that he was a lawyer & there was no misrepresentation. He then said he was too busy to deal with me & hung up on me.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your recent unpleasant experience at Lady N'Awlins. I have not been back since our initial visit, so I cannot speak to their service other than this one trip. If you are in search of New Orleans style Cajun food, maybe try Louisiana Flair downtown (322 East Grace St).