Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Turkey Sandwich Should Be Under $10

This past weekend, I went to Florida to visit my family for Father’s Day. I was worried how I would stay within my budget while traveling out of town. Fortunately, my flight was generously paid for by a family member, so the only real cost to me was travel expenses.

On the way back, I ended up blowing $10.50 on a turkey sandwich. Not a fancy one, just turkey, wheat bread and old lettuce and tomato. I started thinking about all the great places in Richmond that I could have gotten a WAY better turkey sandwich for under $10.

Olio (2001 1/2 W Main St) Roasted turkey, Swiss, applewood smoked bacon, romaine, roasted tomatoes, red onion and garlic aioli spread on ciabatta $7.98

821 Café (825 West Cary Street) Grilled turkey with grilled onions, sweet peppers and Swiss $7.25

Ellwood’s Café (10 South Thompson Street) Eberly Farms all natural house smoked turkey, tomatoes, avocado, fresh cilantro, Havarti cheese and a jalapeño remoulade sauce $8.99

Garnett’s (2001 Park Avenue) Turkey and Gouda cheese with Dijon mustard on homemade Boston brown bread. $7.95

The Mill (4023 MacArthur Ave) Roast turkey breast on warmed focaccia with sliced tomatoes, sweet pea shoots and mayo. $7.00

Coppola’s Deli (2900 West Cary Street) Tender slices of honey roasted turkey breast, grilled with onions, sweet and hot peppers, smothered with Swiss cheese. Served on a freshly baked French Roll with leaf lettuce, tomatoes and Dijon $6.99

Moral: Plan ahead when you travel so you aren’t tempted to spend more and get less…and get out and try some of the delicious sandwiches.

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