Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Hour Review - F.W.Sullivans

I used to come to this place when it was Easy Street a few years back and was very pleasantly surprised to see how great it is now.  F.W.Sullivans (2401 W Main St) has a good vibe, laid back in a good neighborhood bar kind of way with out the creepy bar flies that frequent some of these types of spots.  We hit Happy Hour on a Thursday and found the place not empty but not full to the rim, just the right amount of mellow patrons for my liking.

They run their Happy Hour M-F from 4-7pm (how it should be) and offer 2 appetizers for $10 including their dips.  Drink specials on Thursday include $2.50 Yuengling and Miller Light Drafts, $3 all other Drafts and their $6 wine glasses for $4.  They had a really cute sign in the bathroom listing these specials with the quote, “Let’s be honest you really don’t get that much work done on Friday anyway – Sully”.  I thought that was pretty clever and true.

We had the Buffalo Chicken Dip and the Costa Rican Coconut Shrimp.  I am pretty particular when it comes to my Buffalo Chicken dip.  Most places don’t have any chicken in it, or under do it with the Buffalo sauce, or add too much cheddar so that it is not creamy enough for my taste.  This dip, hit the spot!  That earned them some extra points.  Other app options that looked good were, Hong Kong Crab Spring Rolls, Pork Shanks and Grits, Irish Potato Pancakes and the Bangkok Crispy Shrimp.

We will definitely be going back and bringing friends.  This is a great place for a group, guys night, or just a need to get out of the house on a weeknight, kind of night.  Photo credit.

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