Monday, February 14, 2011

Thrifty’s Burger Review – Capital Ale House

The other day I was brainstorming ideas for the Thrifty blog and I asked my husband, “Would you be up for trying all the bargain burger spots in town for my blog?”  The reply was a resounding, “YES!”  So began the Thrifty Burger reviews. 

First up, Capital Ale House’s famous Monday Night $1 Burger Night:

I went in with no expectations since the whole $1 concept seemed too good to be true.  It is and isn’t.  Yes, they serve burgers for $1, but if you want any toppings or cheese, you have to pay more.  Oh yeah, and you have to order a beer.  So if you expect your tab to be $2 for 2 people that is not going to happen. 

We would have ordered beers whether it was required or not.  You can’t go to Capital ALE house and drink water.  I didn’t mind paying 50 cents for cheese or an extra $1.99 for a side of fries, but I was a little surprised when we ended up paying over $20 (including tax and tip) on $1 burger night.  Our tab came to $18.58 before tip.  Things just add up and I guess that is what they hope for when running a special like this.

The place was absolutely packed on burger night, so you better get their early.  We were lucky to get two seats at the bar.  We each ordered a beer from their extensive beer list and enjoyed cheese burgers with a side of fries to share.  I liked the burger and always enjoy the atmosphere at Capital Ale House.  It is a good downtown spot, burger night or not.

A few things to know when picking this place as your burger destination:  1) Burgers are not cooked to order, all are served medium well.  Because of the volume of burgers they serve on burger night, they just can not cook to order.  2)  This means that they are most likely preformed patties, so don’t expect the most amazing burger experience you ever had.  Still, they are good. 3) If you are a beer lover, this is a great excuse to have delicious brews on a Monday night 4) And finally, dinner for two with brews downtown Richmond for under $20 is a good deal, but plan to spend at least that.

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