Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Hour Review - Avalon

I have been to Avalon a couple times, but usually late night with a big group of people (6 or more).  I always have a good time and good food here, but sadly the Happy Hour was a disappointment.  We sat at the bar and asked what if any specials they had for Happy Hour.  $0.75 off any alcohol.  I'm sorry, but why even bother with a discount at all.  No food specials to mention. 

We stayed for a drink anyway and ordered an appetizer, the salmon pate.  By mistake we were served the rock shrimp dip and it was delicious.  When the salmon came out, I was really glad they made the mistake because it was really really fishy.  My favorite thing I ever ordered here is the Duck Confit Flatbread Pizza.  It is on the bar menu for $12 (not exactly a steal).  They do have bar food at reasonable prices, $6 cheddar fries, $6 Caesar salad and sandwiches from $7-$9.

The funniest thing about this place is how different the crowd is early in the evening.  It was clear that everyone at the bar, except us, were regulars.  They all knew each other even though it was clear they did not all like each other.  The guy next to us told me a lady at the other end of the bar was a junkie and then proceeded to talk about how he makes his own ammunition.  Then a guy from the other end of the bar asked if he could take my picture because I look just like one of his friends.  He said he remembers me from the last time I was there because I had on a beautiful black dress.  (Creepy part is I was there 6 weeks ago, in a black dress.)  I don't remember him.

Although the crowd was "entertaining", I would not recommend this as a great happy hour spot.  Come with a group or come for dinner.  The food is always good, but the bar is a little iffy at 6pm.  Photo credit.
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