Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Hour Review - Secco Wine Bar

So...this spot doesn’t have any happy hour specials, but I wanted to include it in my reviews since I did go here during the normal Happy Hour time and was really pleased with what they were offering even without a special.

I am a wine drinker, but I don’t really know a ton about wine. One look at the wine list at Secco Wine Bar and I thought I was reading Greek. The really nice thing about that was the bar tender did not seem to mind. He didn’t correct my incorrect pronunciation and didn’t seem to mind that I had no idea what I was ordering. A non-pretentious wine bar, I have finally found you!

Glasses of wine ranges from $5 to $12. That was another shocker. $5 for a glass of wine at a wine bar? Are they crazy? No, they are not, they are smart. People who don’t know about wine never order the cheapest glass on the menu, and they don’t order the most expensive either. They order one right in the middle, and that is what I did. I ordered the “MCS” which I think was $9 and my husband ordered a beer (go figure) for $7. My wine was great and my husband really liked his beer.

We weren’t planning on ordering any food, but one of the soups on the menu caught my eye. Cream of cauliflower, browned butter, dark chocolate and sweet curry $4. You can’t tell me that is not intriguing. So that I didn’t have to eat alone, my man ordered the fresh schiacciata (Tuscan flat bread) of the day which was olive oil and rosemary for $2. My soup was bowl lick-able and the flat bread (which wasn’t flat at all) was a nice nosh.

They had a bunch of other really intriguing items on the small plates menu that I plan to try next time, like the potato gnocchi, oxtail ragu & house preserved lemon $10 or the speck-wrapped hanger steak, local vegetables, black truffle sauce $12. Not to mention the create-your-own cheese and meats combinations.  You can mix them and have 3/$13 or 5/$21.
We had a really nice experience at Secco.  I would recommend this as a place to start a romantic date or to bring your girlfriend when she gets dumped and you have to hear about it.  It is probably not a good place for big groups or rowdy guys.  You know who you are.  Photo credit.

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