Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lunch Review - Garnett's

I would call my lunch yesterday a lovely lunch at Garnett’s (2001 Park Ave).  And I am not just saying that because I like to use alliterations, it really was lovely.  My husband said he would meet me for lunch if I would pick the place.  I drive by Garnett’s all the time and was hopeful that we would be able to get one of their 7 tables or a spot at the bar.  Lucky for us, there was a two-top open as if it was meant to be.  I guess that would make it a lucky lovely lunch.  (Ok, that was just for the sake of alliteration.)

Garnett’s has a menu of what I like to call “feel good” sandwiches all for less than $10.  They list fancy French toasties like Croque Monsieur and Croque Florentine and American classics like the BLT and Roast Beef & Swiss.  There are so many great sandwiches on the menu.  I was drooling just reading it.  If the basics aren’t what you crave, even the classics come with a twist at Garnett’s.  Sandwiches like Roast Beef & Anchovy, Grilled Turkey and Pepperoni or an MLT (meatloaf, lettuce, tomato) are sure to satisfy.

I ordered the Croque Provecal for $7 which is “Black Forest Ham, gruyere cheese, tomato, and herb mayo on grilled Italian bread topped with mornay sauce” and choice of one side.  What is a mornay sauce, you ask?  I had to ask myself.  It is a Béchamel sauce made from flour, butter with gruyere and parmesan cheese.  I thought this might be too rich with the cheese and cheese sauce and herb mayo, but it was not at all overpowering and quite yummy.  I left lunch satisfied, not too full.  My husband ordered the Turkey Club for $8 and loved it.  He said the bacon was the best and didn’t leave a crumb on his plate.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to order dessert.  We were just the right amount of full.  The list of cakes and pies offered was incredibly tempting and when the chocolate lover cake was set in front of the couple at the next table, I almost asked for a bite.  Not having dessert gives us a reason to go back sooner rather than later.  The cozy atmosphere on a quite corner is just the kind of place you keep on your list of places to go to, to reconnect.  When schedules are hectic and life is zooming by, it is nice to share a meal of “feel good” food in a quaint local spot like Garnett’s.

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  1. I'm so glad you loved Garnett's! When it opened I thought I had discovered the best kept secret in Richmond. ( : Great review!

  2. Thanks! I agree, this place is a hidden gem!