Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I made $5 at Shamrock the Block – A Reflection

The most Thrifty kind of event is the kind that actually makes you money, but sadly Shamrock the Block was still a bust even with a $5 profit.

Shamrock the Block was held this past weekend in the Shockoe Slip in between 17th and 20th on Franklin Street.  It was an event that was expected to host over 20,000 people.  I was so excited for it to be a day of drinking and enjoying the company of friends on one of the warmest days we have had this year.  I dressed in my green and headed out for the day. 

So did well over 20,000 people and they all were thirsty.  Because of this, I parked 10 blocks away, pushed through the crowds and waited in line for beer for what I consider an insane length of time.  I did not ever get to enjoy a green beer at the Shamrock event because I am not dedicated enough to day drinking in the street as many of my fellow Richmonders.

I waited in line to buy beer tickets for 20 minutes.  I was still at the very end of the mass of people also waiting for these tickets at the end of that 20 minute time span.  Amazingly, a couple approached me to sell their extra tickets.  They were so tired of waiting in the beer line that they offered me 5 tickets for $15.  I could not refuse this Thrifty deal.  I snapped them up and headed to the end of the beer line.  I walked and walked and walked and realized that I would be in that line for over an hour and once I got to the front I would have to take my beer and go directly to the back of the line if I wanted another.  No thank you. 

I took my five tickets, found another sucker in the ticket line and sold them for $20.

I am glad that I came out $5 richer, but I should have just bought a 6 pack and some green food coloring and sat in my back yard.  Photo credit.

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