Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buy This NOT That – Breakfast

Inspired by one of my favorite diet books/website, Eat This NOT That, I am sharing a bad decision I made this morning in hopes to prevent others from making bad breakfast buying decisions in the future. I usually make my own breakfast, but this morning I felt like sleeping an extra 5 minutes instead. That was the start of my bad decisions for the day. When I got to work hungry with the last $3 of my weekly budget, I knew that my options were limited.  I could either get:

Subway Sunrise Melt with egg whites, turkey breast, American cheese, baby spinach and tomato on a flatbread - $2.87


Starbucks Tall Chai Latte with ice in a cup - $2.77

I have no idea why I chose the Latte. I am now officially starving with an empty wallet.  Don’t do this!

Photo Credits: Subway, Starbucks

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