Monday, June 6, 2011

Confessions of the not so thrifty

When I started this blog last Fall, I was new (again) to Richmond and jobless.  I was looking for a way to keep my sanity and not spend all my savings.  I spent my days researching the best thrifty spots in town and scouring the internet looking for free and cheap things to occupy my time.  Then something wonderful happened!  I found a job.  And not just any job…a job that I actually liked!  And after that….I lost my mind.  Money was coming in and even more money was going out.  In less than a month I managed to spend two weeks’ worth of my salary on dining out.  I stopped being so particular about where we ate out and what we did on the weekends.  I stopped having thrifty things to post about because I was, quite frankly, not being thrifty.  And then something horrible happened….I over drafted my checking account.  Only by $20 the day before my next paycheck came in, but still. It was a smack in the face that my spending is out of control….

So instead of tapping into my savings to continue my gluttonous lifestyle, I am back on a budget! I am turning this blog into a diary (of sorts) of my spending. I hope to discover some tips for spending less and share the good the bad and the what-went-terribly-wrong on my quest to save some bucks.

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