Friday, April 1, 2011

Break from Burger Reviews

Sadly, I have to take a break from the Thrifty Burger reviews, for a while.  To be perfectly honest, I am just sick of burgers.  I thought I would last much longer, but I can not eat another meat patty until after I take a little break.  I have even considered going vegetarian for a few weeks to cleanse the system. 

There are still plenty of bargain burgers that I haven’t had a chance to review.  So I leave you with a list of all the Bargain Burger spots I know.  Feel free to comment if I have missed a good one.

Baja Bean Co. – Monday $4 Burger
Caliente – Tuesday ½ Price Burgers 5-10pm
Can Can Brasserie – ½ Price Burgers M-F 5-7pm
Capital Ale House – Monday $2 Burger Night
Cha Chas – Thursday $5 Burgers
City Limit – Saturday and Sunday $5 Burger
Cook Out – Daily Deal
Curbside – Wednesday ½ Price Burgers 5-10pm
Deluxe– Monday $5 Burgers
The Grill – Half Price Burger Night Monday
Home Team Grill – Tuesday ½ Price Burger
O’Tooles – Tuesday ½ Price Burger 4-10pm
Starlite – Thursday 2 for 1 Burger 5-10pm
Strawberry Street Café – Monday ½ Price Burger
Tobacco Company - ½ Price Burger 5-6pm M-F

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